About us

We are a leading supplier of peanuts to domestic and overseas customers, processing tonnes of peanuts each season. We pioneered the industry and we're still leading the way, setting international benchmarks in quality, production and market development. We are involved with all aspects of the peanut processing value-chain from developing new peanut crop varieties to drying and shelling, grading, blanching, sorting and roasting the final product.

Red Soil Peanuts

The premium quality edible peanuts farmed in the nutritional red soils of peninsular india. Our premium quality peanuts are mechanically processed with the latest machineries which ensure the hygienity. This process retains all natural richness and flavor of peanut with exact nutrient sources of proteins e, k and b vitamins.

Our vision is
  • To spread over the peanut trade to rest of the world.
  • To match the peanut standard required from anywhere in the world in all specifications.
  • To ensure the supply of aflatoxin free peanuts through mechanical devices